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Barley Fields

Works completed in 2019 to the satisfaction of all parties, including Yorkshire Water, North Yorkshire County Council and Xylem.

  • De-watering of area due to high water levels
  • Over 250m of HDPE Rising Main
  • Rising main connection to the existing drainage network
  • Reinstatement of highway and verges to original standard
  • Brushed finish reinforced concrete slab
  • Kiosks, ducting and service connections
  • Two 2100mm Diameter Manholes


Castle Road

These works were completed in 2020 and were highly commended by Yorkshire Water upon completion for being over and above the inspectors demands.

  • 14m x 10m Pumping Station Compound
  • Temporary Works design and install due to poor ground conditions
  • 2700mm Diameter Hydrobrake Manhole
  • 2100mm Diameter Wet Well
  • HDPE Rising Main
  • 3m x 2m Valve Chamber
  • Brush concrete slabs
  • Kiosks, ducting and service connections
  • Fencing and gates


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