About Us

Honest and Confident

With our family approach, being fair and open is paramount to building strong and well-established relationships with our customers. We are also heavily involved within charitable causes which is our way of giving something back to the community.

Highly skilled and proficient, we understand the value of our services. We are confident in our abilities to provide a first class service and know our worth. Our hard work and diligence means we are always at the forefront in our sector.

Who are Kitchen Civils?
Our personality

Our Personality

We have an excellent reputation and are well known throughout Yorkshire due to our cordial and attentive nature. Everyday we aim to build upon that reputation, embracing the opportunity to grow and learn.


Our Core Values

Our family-values approach to business is at the core of our operation. We aim to treat our staff and customers with appreciation and dignity. With everyone working together to build a better business and to ‘do the right thing’.


We have a laser-focused commitment and discipline towards helping our clients’ reach their goals. This is reflected in our commitment to theproject at hand and pledge to dedicate the necessary time required to accomplish all tasks.

Delivering for You

We're proud of our record on delivering for our customers without compromising on budget, timescales, or safety. These figures from the past eight years show you how seriously we honour our commitments.

Within budget
On Schedule

More About Our Company

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Investing in our Community

We believe it's important to remain part of the community we come from - see what we do to give back.

Efficiency & Communication

Meeting customers’ expectations and delivery requirements is a priority for our business. Enhanced customer satisfaction results in loyalty, repeat sales, long-term custom and a stronger reputation. This is underpinned by highly knowledgeable staff with extensive industry experience.

We invest time and energy into delivering clear lines of communication which builds trust among employees, leading to increases in productivity and output.

Our Approach

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