Attenuation Tanks

Past Attenuation Projects

  • Barley Fields
    1,500m3 Carlow Precast Tank
  • Fallows Park
    1,000m3 Carlow Precast Tank
  • Newbridge Village
    750m3 Polypipe Ridgistorm XL Tank
  • Shakespeare School
    500m3 Geolight Crate Tank
  • Castle Road
    750m3 Carlow Precast Tank
  • Harland Way
    1,200m3 Carlow Precast Tank


In Depth: Barley Fields

  • Construction of a 1,500m3 Precast Tank, including all pre-construction meetings and briefings with Carlow.
  • Excavation works to a volume of 2,500m3
  • De-watering to the Carlow Tank Perimeter to a depth of 7m due to high water table levels
  • Design, procurement and installation of temporary works due to the proximity to an existing road.
  • Installing Type 1 sub-base and Concrete Blinding as per Carlow Details
  • Supply of all necessary workforce for the Carlow Installation
  • Craneage and Concrete Pumping
  • Backfilling and Reinstatement of areas to previous condition.
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